Agenda item


To agree the public minutes and summary of the meeting held on 14 February 2023.


RESOLVED, That the public minutes of the meeting of 14 February 2023 be approved as an accurate record of the proceedings.


Matters Arising

The Chairman reported that he and the Deputy Chairman had asked for a letter to be written from the Policy Chairman in relation to the proposal to stop the Number 11 bus route. Officers confirmed that this was being drafted. A Member stated that there was also a proposal to stop the Number 521 bus route. An Officer advised that there had been a report to the Sub-Committee towards the end of 2022 which detailed Transport for London’s (TfL) list of implications and issues. Members requested that Officers ensure that the Number 521 bus route be included in the letter.


A Member stated that a TfL impact assessment was required as the bus routes were accessible and were used by people with disabilities and people with children in pushchairs and it could be difficult to use Bank Station, particularly at the weekends, when the lifts were closed. An Officer stated that TfL would be asked to explain their rationale so that representations could be made about the services that the City wanted retained. The Chairman asked Officers to summarise the outcome of the TfL consultation and circulate this to Members of the Sub-Committee.




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