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GW3 Issues: Moorgate Crossrail Station Links

Report of the Executive Director Environment.


The Sub Committee considered a report of the Executive Director, Environment, regarding public realm works around Moorgate Crossrail Station.


RESOLVED, that the Sub Committee:

1.     Note the progress made on the various elements of the project.

2.     Note the revised timescales for Ropemaker Street junction improvements.

3.     Approve the drawdown of £256,375 from the already agreed and secured funding allocation of £1,819,795 to continue the design development and assessment of each element of the project.

4.     Approve a revised current project budget of £569,327 (including risk) as set out in appendix 2, table 2.

5.      Approve the risk register in appendix 3 with the requested costed risk provision of £48,500, which is to be drawn down via delegation to Executive Director Environment.

6.     Note the revised cost estimate of £430,022 for the 101 Moorgate Section 278 works, increasing the overall budget estimate by £30,022.

7.     Note the intention to make further funding requests of an estimated £3.2 million to either the OSPR or CIL to progress elements of the work outlined below and that this is reliant on further detailed work regarding feasibility.

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