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West Smithfield Area Public Realm and Transportation Project

Report of the Director of the Built Environment.


The Sub-Committee considered a report of the Director of the Built Environment which was a Gateway 3 Issue Report updating the Sub-Committee on the project and requested authority to start the next stage of design – Stage 3.2 of the Public Realm and Transportation project around the Museum of London Site.


An Officer reported that works had been paused for further work on the Section 106 and associated Section 278 for the Museum of London. As a planning application had now been submitted and the Section 278 project had been agreed, authority was being sought to restart the project to ensure the Museum of London, Smithfield Meat Market and the public realm programmes aligned.


An Officer reported that stakeholder engagement would restart and a wider public consultation would take place. The Officer also reported that during the London Festival of Architecture in the summer, work would take place in relation to co-designing equity and inclusivity in the public realm.


A Member drew the Sub-Committee’s attention to the list of consultees in the Officer’s report and requested that the Smithfield Market Tenants Association be added to the list.


A Member asked for clarification on whether the summer activation and events could be funded from the On-Street Parking Reserve (OSPR). An Officer responded that there were constraints on the use of the OSPR. The Foundation for Future London was funding the summer activation and events. There would be some work to support the viability of these events, and this component would be funded by the OSPR.  A team of designers had been appointed following a design competition and the contract for the summer activities had been awarded to the Foundation for Future London. Officers would also be working with the Museum of London and there could be further funding from their budget, but it would not come from the specific Smithfield Public Realm Project budget.


A Member referenced the Sports Strategy, and requested that once approved, this be included in the Project Mission Statement.


A Member requested that the stakeholder engagement group consulted by Destination City, be added to the list of consultees.


RESOLVED, That the Sub-Committee


1)    Note the updates from the work developed to date since last Committee Report;

2)    Approve the budget of £70,000 for staff cost and £60,000 for fees to cover the next stage of the project;

3)    Allocate £130,000 from OSPR from the £12m funding approved in principle for the project, subject to relevant approvals; and

4)    Note the revised project budget of £1,405,014 (excluding risk), from the £12m estimated budget which is unchanged.


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