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London Metropolitan Archives Update Report

To receive the report of the Deputy Town Clerk.



Members noted the report of the Deputy Town Clerk setting out the three keys area of development at the London Metropolitan Archives, updating the report submitted to the Committee in November 2022.   


On the proposal to create an ‘exciting digital offering’, a Member asked for clarification on what that would entail. The meeting heard that the offering would include the picture archive that was currently under-used, and a new front-end website to present the LMA in a more engaging way.  A Member commented that some of the search functions would benefit from further work. The meeting noted that the LMA team is aware the system needs some work and would beadjusted to generate a more user-centred experience as soon as other priorities were under way.


Members noted that the LMA’s audience was global, and that further engagement work would benefit from continuing to take that into account over and above encouraging visitors to the building.  Members commented that there was merit in creating connections with other institutions such as the Barbican Centre and the Museum of London (as well as other City and non-City assets), and the meeting heard that such initiatives had taken place in the past, and that further such initiatives were planned. A Member commented that there were likely to be interesting opportunities for link-ups with the new site of the Museum of London expected to be officially opened on 25 October 2025. 


On the element of confusion among some users around the name, a Member asked whether a re-brand was being considered. The meeting heard that there was enthusiasm for changing the name to better reflect the institution’s work and that progress was being made to that end.


Referencing the project ‘Switching the lens’, a Member asked for further information on the volunteer strategy. The meeting heard that further reviews of the volunteer strategy were expected when current priorities have been addressed.


Members commended and thanked the LMA for its work.


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