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Update on the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment Work Programme

Report of the Director of Public Health, City and Hackney.


The Board received a report of the Director of Public Health in respect of the Joint Strategic Needs Assessments (JSNAs) 2022/23 work programme.


Members welcomed the helpful format of the report and noted that some aspects of the evidence base for strategy and service planning had been carried forward.  Any suggestions form the Board in respect of further topics should be forwarded to


During the discussion, the following points were noted:


The City’s Homelessness and Rough Sleeping Team could add value, noting that ‘Doctors of the World’ are often the street population’s first point of contact.


Given there are a number of cases of long covid and some more recent winter viruses that have led to post viral fatigue and longer term debilitating conditions, should this be added as a specific health need?


The demographic of the City can be different from the the wider City and Hackney as a place.  The resident population is very small and they may seek healthcare elsewhere.  


Officers are seeking to resolve the gaps in health data by having conversations at regional level about better data access and sharing.    The Population Health Hub has been very helpful in identifying gaps.


There will be a stand-alone piece of work by the Suicide Prevention Steering Group in respect of mental health assessments.  Due to the small numbers in the data, it cannot be made public as part of the Mental Health Needs Assessment. 


Healthwatch have been working on a mental health needs assessment, looking at young people and adults who might fall through the net.


RESOLVED, that – the report be noted.


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