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Damp and Mould in our Social Housing Stock - Update Report

Report of the Interim Executive Director, Community and Children’s Services.



The Board received a report of the Interim Executive Director, Community and Children’s Services, which updated Members  on work underway in dealing  with damp and mould in the City of London Corporation’s Social Housing Stock and, our response to recent national concerns raised by government.  Members noted that the Housing Management and Almshouses Sub Committee had scrutinised this report in some detail and the Town Clerk agreed to circulated the minutes from this meeting.


Members commended an excellent report which had received thorough scrutiny at the Housing Management and Almshouses Sub Committee.  The Town Clerk agreed to circulate the draft minutes from this meeting to Members of HWB, together with a leaflet which had been sent to all residents and Members of the City of London Corporation.


During the discussion the following points were noted:


Findings from site visits across the City found that causes of damp varied from leakages and lack of ventilation, which is more common in newer buildings.   A lot of residents affected by structural issues will not be helped by opening windows.   


A City-wide approach is required to address both social and private rented housing across the City, noting that private rented properties tend to be in a worse condition than City Corporation ones.


Damp and Mould as a danger to health has technical categorisations of  1 & 2.  Officers visited the Golden Lane Estate and did not find any category 1 or 2 cases.


Members have been encouraged to report any cases to Environmental Health and the Assistant Director, Housing and Property Services, as set out in the leaflet referred to above, on the web site and in the various communications on this matter.


Housing Act enforcement matters fall within the remit of the Environmental Health Team and all housing complaints in respect of damp and mould are prioritised and responded to within a day.  The team work closely with Housing colleagues to achieve this.  There was a recent Directive from the Department of Levelling-up and all officers have been trained accordingly.  All historic cases reported over the past 4 years have been checked to ensure that any interventions have been sustained.   Members asked if this could be emphasised in the various communications.


Works to roofs and windows, as part  of City of London Corporation’s Major Works programme will seek to address this on a permanent basis.  


The Board asked for an action point to the NHS, in terms of health professionals visiting residents in their homes and how they would encourage patients to report cases of damp and mould.  Members asked if the leaflet referred to above could be circulated to all health practitioners who undertake home visits.   


RESOLVED, that – the report be noted.


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