Agenda item


Report of the Town Clerk.


The Committee considered a report of the Town Clerk concerning the appointments to the Finance Committee’s Sub Committee for 2023/24, approval of their composition and Terms of Reference, and appointing representatives to a number of other City Corporation Committees and Sub Committees. Members noted that the Terms of Reference, composition and appointments to the Efficiency and Performance Working Group would be considered at the June meeting of the Committee.


RESOLVED, that – the following be agreed:


a)         The Composition and Terms of Reference of the Operational Property and Projects Sub Committee (OPPSC) (joint with P&RC), as set out in Appendix A to the report.


b)         The Chairman and Deputy Chairman of the Grand Committee be appointed to the OPPSC.


c)         The Chairman or Deputy Chairman, or their nominee from the Grand Committee be appointed to:


i.          Communications Sub Committee (Policy and Resources) Committee

ii.          Resource, Risk & Estates (Police) Committee

iii.         House Committee of the Guildhall Club

iv.        Mayoral Visits Advisory Committee (Chairman only)

v.         Civic Affairs Sub Committee


d)         The appointment of the following 4 Finance Committee Members to the Operational Property and Projects Sub Committee:


           Madush Gupta

           Paul Martinelli

           Luis Tilleria

           Philip Woodhouse


e)         The appointments of the following representatives to:


           Corporate Services Committee – Steve Goodman

           Streets and Walkways Sub (Planning & Transportation) Committee – Paul Martinelli


f)          The appointment of representatives for informal consultation with the Court of Aldermen and the Policy and Resources Committee on Mayoralty and Shrievalty Allowances (typically including the Chairman and the Deputy Chairman of the Finance Committee).


g)         The Chairman and Deputy Chairman of the Finance Committee’s membership of the Fraud and Cyber Crime Reporting and Analysis Service Procurement Committee, Capital Buildings Board (Policy & Resources Committee) and the Resource Allocation Sub (Policy and Resources) Committee.


h)         The Chairman and Deputy Chairman of the Finance Committee’s ex-officio Membership of the following Committees:


           Policy & Resources Committee

           Audit and Risk Management Committee

           Digital Services Committee (or their nominee)

           Investment Committee (or their nominee)


j)          The Committee continues to meet “every fourth week on Tuesdays” with the exception of recess periods.

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