Agenda item

Local Implementation Plan Funded Schemes 2023-24

Report of the Executive Director Environment.


Members considered a report of the Executive Director Environment regarding the provision of Transport for London (TfL) Local Implementation Plan (LIP) funding to the City of London Corporation for the year 2023/24.


The Chair remarked that the key item for Members to pay attention to was the proposed allocations from TfL to LIP funding, for the Sub-Committee’s approval. 


RESOLVED – That Members:


  • Approve the allocations up to the maximum set out in Table 1 (£556k), for the year 2023/24.


  • Authorise the Executive Director Environment, in consultation with the Chairs and Deputy Chairs of the Planning & Transportation Committee and of the Streets & Walkways Sub Committee, to allocate any additional funds which are made available by TfL in 2023/24 financial year.


  • Approve to spend any funds awarded for Principal Road Renewal for the year 2023/24.


  • Authorise the Executive Director Environment to reallocate the TfL grant between the approved LIP schemes should that be necessary during 2023/24 up to a maximum of £150,000.

Supporting documents: