Agenda item

Any other Business that the Chairman considers Urgent



 The Chair agreed to accept the following items of urgent business:


(a)        Water Penetration


Members noted the points raised during the RCC Chair’s presentation and the work undertaken by the Ben Johnson House Group.  The Assistant Director advised that there would be a survey of balconies on all blocks to see whether the works should be brought forward as a programme, rather than piecemeal.   The Assistant Director would also be arranging a meeting with the relevant House Groups to discuss the points raised.  Members were asked to note that  leaks on the Barbican can be difficult to isolate and the works might need a specialist contractor. 


(b)       Notice of intention to enter into a Qualifying Long Term Agreement. 


Members noted that this would be a Corporate contract, replacing the current Hays contract.  Consultation is required where the costs for any leaseholder is over £100 in any year.  This limit is likely to be reached when there are agency staff employed to cover vacant posts, particularly in the towers. Agency staff are also used to cover holidays and sickness for concierge staff.  


However, there are overall budget constraints for staff costs and information on the use of agency staff and overtime is provided to the Service Charge Working party, which is looking to reduce the use of overtime and agency staff in the concierge services by the recruitment of pool staff.


Once the first stage consultation is completed, the City will have due regard to comments received. The second stage post-tender consultation will include a summary of observations, details of costs and invite further observations. At this stage, leaseholders will also have the opportunity to inspect the tender documents.  The Governance process is via the Finance Committee but reports would also be presented to the BRC/RCC for information.  Whilst accepting that that this is not a  BRC Decision, the  Chair asked for the Committee to be much better informed on such matters in the future.   The Chair also encouraged full engagement from residents.


(c)        Resolution from the Underfloor Heating Working Party


RESOLVED, that – the following be noted and agreed.


The RCC strongly supports the Underfloor Heating Working Party in its efforts to establish a trial of individual Controls for our heating system. Plans are well developed for a trial for 14 homes on Wallside (the smallest individually metered group of homes on the estate) including the design of the control and metering system, and a suitable legal framework within which this trial will operate. If the current study indicates that the individual system is feasible, the City’s Climate Action team should be approached for financial support. There will be no cost to leaseholders or Wallside freeholders.