Agenda item

Draft People Strategy

Report of the Chief People Officer and Executive Director of Human Resources.


Members considered a report of the Chief People Officer and Executive Director of Human Resources, regarding the draft People Strategy.


The Town Clerk introduced the item by remarking upon the brilliant people within the organisation. The Chief People Officer followed by noting the new Strategy involved modernisation, whilst continuing to build upon trust within the workforce.


Comments on the Strategy included:-


  • On the workplace profile, there was currently no option within the system to select anything other than ‘male’ or ‘female’ but this was being looked at.
  • There was a typographical error in relation to ‘LBQTBA+’, it was suggested that LGBTQ+ would be more appropriate
  • Monitoring reports should be submitted more frequently than annually.
  • Tone on page 27 within the forewords require further drafting.
  • The performance references in the purpose and outcomes section on p30 require higher visibility.
  • On pages 28/39 – were the list of religions exhaustive?
  • Language should generally be more consistent.
  • Reference to Members and leadership should be included.
  • Employee engagement would be key to measure success.


It was also noted that the homescreens on City Corporation devices still featured the four ‘P’s (Pride, Pace, Passion, Professionalism) and this should be changed with the adoption of the new Strategy.



RESOLVED that Members:-

  1. Approve the following for the draft People Strategy 2024 - 29 in Appendix 1. Specifically:

a.    Agree the five themes; and

b.    Agree the direction of travel contained within the summary of high-level annual Activities and Key Performance Measures

  1. Authorise the Town Clerk and Chief Executive to finalise and agree any further changes to the content of the draft People Strategy 2024 - 2029, in consultation with the Member Reference Group; noting that the final wording and design will be finalised in consultation with the Town Clerk and Chief Executive and Chair, Member Reference Group.
  2. Recommend that the Policy and Resources Committee adopts the People Strategy 2024 - 2029.
  3. Recommend that the Court of Common Council adopts the People Strategy 2024 - 2029.


Supporting documents: