Agenda item

Departmental Budget Estimates 2024-25 – Corporate Services Committee

Joint report of the Town Clerk, Chief Strategy Officer, Comptroller & City Solicitor and Chamberlain.


Members considered a joint report of the Town Clerk, Chief Strategy Officer, Comptroller & City Solicitor, and Chamberlain, regarding the departmental budget estimates of 2024-2025.


In response to a question, the Deputy Town Clerk confirmed that Member allowances did not sit within this budget but came from the Central Risk budget. This was confirmed by the Chamberlain.


Members asked that in future, the variances described at the bottom of page 63, should feature within the table at the top of page 64.


With regard to the Guildhall Club budget, it was noted that the shortfall tended to be consistently managed using underspends. Member asked that next year it be assigned a proper budget.


Requirements for Equality Diversity and Inclusion  were still being worked through  but would, in any event, need to be resourced from the existing envelope.


RESOLVED, that Members


  1. Note the latest revenue budget for 2024/25;
  2. Review and approve the estimate for 2024/25 for submission to the Finance Committee;
  3. Authorise the Chamberlain, in consultation with the Town Clerk, Deputy Town Clerk, the Comptroller and City Solicitor to revise these budgets to allow for any further implications arising from Corporate Projects, other reviews and changes to the Cyclical Works Programme; and
  4. Authorise the Chamberlain to agree minor amendments for 2023-24 and 2024-25 budgets arising during budget setting be delegated to the Chamberlain.



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