Agenda item

Outstanding Actions*

Report of the Town Clerk.


The Committee received a report of the Town Clerk, setting out a list of the outstanding actions.


A Member asked that the upcoming heritage training session be recorded. The Chairman asked that it also be uploaded to the file with previous training sessions and the link to the file be sent to Members.


A Member queried the amount and content of the base level training and asked Officers to benchmark the base level training against that of other Local Authorities. Another Member asked that external training also be considered. The Director of Planning and Development stated that training was broken down into an overview and then into topics e.g. thermal comfort. Officers could benchmark looking at the robustness of training and whether other Local Authorities used external or inhouse training and update the Committee.


RESOLVED - That Members of the Committee

1.        Note the report;

2.        Request Officers to record the heritage training session be recorded, upload it to the file containing previous training sessions and send the link to Members; and

3.        Request Officers to benchmark the base level training and update the Committee.


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