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STEM and Policy Education Programme - Policy Initiatives Fund Application


The Committee discussed a report of the Director of Open Spaces regarding a STEM and Policy Education Programme.

Richard Sumray noted that he was supportive of the idea and felt that it was excellent, no matter what one’s personal opinion of the Ponds Project might be. John Hunt agreed, and suggested that the programme perhaps include a theme on conflict resolution. Jeremy Wright concurred and suggested that the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) be contacted to see if they wished to contribute to the programme in some way. The Ponds Project and Management Support Officer agreed and noted that the City of London was pursuing in-house contacts with the ICE.

Jeremy Wright noted that, if the programme proceeded, both sides of the argument should be presented fairly and equally to the children in question. Michael Hammerson noted that the ecological and archaeological impact of the project on the Heath should also feature in the programme. Richard Sumray suggested that young people also be asked to contribute to the development of the education programme.

            In response to a question from Gaye Henson, the Ponds Project and Management Support Officer replied that the City of London was not aware of any peer examples of such a project. In response to a further question from Susan Nettleton, she confirmed that the schools immediately adjacent to the Heath would be among those contacted regarding the programme.


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