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Update on Hampstead Heath - Public Sex Environment Outreach Work 2013


The Constabulary and Queen’s Park Manager introduced a report of the Superintendent of Hampstead Heath on public sex environment (PSE) outreach work carried out during 2013.

            In response to a question from Colin Gregory, he replied that litter remained a problem but that it was often concentrated in specific areas that, in liaison with frontline staff, could be cleared quickly. The Superintendent replied that there was an associated issue of drug abuse which he has asked the Terrence Higgins Trust to help address within their outreach programme.

            In response to a question from Jeremy Wright, the Constabulary and Queen’s Park Manager replied that there had been some increase in the geographic area of the PSE, but no increase in the number of persons involved.

            Helen Payne commented that she often walked her dog each morning across the area in question and that there had been a noticeable increase in litter in recent years, and therefore she wished to express her thanks to the efficient litter-pickers.

            The Constabulary and Queen’s Park Manager endorsed the excellent work being done by the small and dedicated team responsible for this area, and the Committee went on to endorse the continuation of the partnership work with the Terrence Higgins Trust during 2014.


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