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Outdoor Triples Table Tennis Table

Report of the Superintendent of Hampstead Heath.


The Leisure and Events Manager introduced a report of the Superintendent of Hampstead Heath regarding a proposal to install a triple table tennis table on the Heath.

            The Leisure and Events Manager explained that the proposal was inspired by comments from the public following the success of similar initiatives in Golders Hill Park and Queen’s Park, and that the decision to install a triple table had been made as this would be more inclusive.

            He added that the proposed location of the table would be adjacent to the Parliament Hill tennis courts as this would be in keeping with the current use of that area, and it was hoped that the installation of the triple table tennis table would encourage the informal development of the area as a youth ‘hub’. Moreover, he noted that the installation would serve as a good marketing tool for the upcoming Give it a Go event on 20 July.

            Richard Sumray commented that the proposal looked good and was arguably the right approach for that area of the Heath.

            Michael Hammerson similarly welcomed the proposal but expressed concern over the potential impact of increased activity on area of grass on which it would be situated and the improved setting of the Bull Path. This impact could be mitigated by placing the table tennis table as close as possible to the tennis hut.

            Susan Nettleton commented that it was an excellent idea but that a green table would be arguably more appropriate aesthetically, instead of a black one.

            Jeremy Wright noted that he shared the concerns expressed by Michael Hammerson but that he welcomed the proposal overall.


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