Agenda item



The Superintendent of Hampstead Heath updated members regarding three questions raised by a member representing Highgate Conservation Area Advisory Committee prior to the meeting. He advised that the frequency of litter collections remained consistent; a perceived increase in build-up of litter around bins was due to the current busy summer period. Wire cages were added to many bins at this time of year to add capacity and timber cladding would be introduced around bins in popular areas.


In response to the member’s question regarding restoration of meadows following the National Cross-Country event, the Superintendent advised that there had been a slow response to the grass and wildflower seed mix that was sown after the event due to the cold, dry spring. Lighter touch techniques would be used after future events and staff would be more responsive to areas drying quickly rather than focussing on particularly wet areas.


In response to the member’s final question, the Superintendent advised that the condition of pond viewing shelves would be monitored regularly and improved where necessary.


In response to a question from the Chairman, the Superintendent advised that 2,800 people visited the Lido on 1 July 2015, the hottest day of the year so far. He added that the figures for voluntary donations collected during this busy period would be available shortly. The remainder of the week and weekend were also extremely busy so the Constabulary were present to monitor queues. Ten successful rescues were carried out in the Mixed Pond on 1 July and it was suggested that this good work from Heath lifeguards should be publicised as a reminder to non-regular swimmers not to misjudge their ability.