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Hampstead Heath Ponds Project Update

Report of the Superintendent of Hampstead Heath.


The Committee received a report of the Superintendent of Hampstead Heath that provided an update on the progression of the Hampstead Heath Ponds Project since March 2015.


In response to a member’s question regarding access at the Viaduct Pond, the Superintendent advised that the new pathways would be open to the public from mid-July. He added that Heath users would be discouraged from using the network of informal paths through undergrowth recently created by members of the public.


In response to a further member’s question regarding the turf to be installed at the grass spillway, the Superintendent advised that the area would be watered sufficiently once the turf arrived. The seed mix for the turf comprised 80% grass and 20% wildflower seed. Some access may be restricted in the form of stock fencing to allow turf and seeded areas to establish.


Members were also advised that the time-lapse camera had been stolen twice so a third camera was to be installed at a higher level to avoid further theft. The Assistant Director of Engineering advised that it would be too costly to remove and re-install the camera each night and day and this would affect the quality of the images as it may not be installed to the exact same position.


RESOLVED – That the Ponds Project update report be noted.


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