Agenda item

Questions on Matters Relating to the Work of the Committee


Proposal to move Smithfield Market

Mr Streeter questioned whether thought could be given to moving Smithfield Market from the City to the suburbs. He argued that the market had outgrown its current site, that the pollution from lorries was unacceptable and that a development of the market could further regenerate the area. He concluded by stating that he felt that this issue had been the ‘elephant in the room’ in the City for some time.


The Deputy Chairman reminded Members that a Strategic Review of the Markets would be progressed in the near future and was intended to look at issues such as these.  The review would involve wholescale reviews of how the markets operate including things such as transport needs and location.


Mr Streeter thanked the Deputy Chairman for his response and stated that he awaited with anticipation a timetable for this future review.


Superintendents’ updates

A Member questioned if the Committee could receive Superintendent’s reports/updates at each future meeting. Others agreed that this would be a useful addition to each agenda. It was suggested that each of the Superintendents be asked to give brief oral updates on current issues at their Market at every Committee meeting going forwards. Members were satisfied that oral updates versus written would provide them with the most up to date information possible.