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Fees and Charges 2016/17

Report of the Superintendent of Hampstead Heath.


The Group considered a report of the Superintendent of Hampstead Heath that set out the proposed fees and charges for the range of facilities and services provided at Queen’s Park in 2016/17.


In response to a member’s (Queen’s Park Area Residents’ Association) question, the Superintendent advised that the 40% concessionary discount would be available for over 60s, under 18s, and the unemployed. He added that concessionary rates would be clearly signed at the Park and on the website to ensure that these users were aware.


Members continued to note and discuss the following matters:



·         The Superintendent advised that a £5 increase from £55 to £60 was proposed for the hire of the Bandstand for a two-hour period.

·         A member (Queen’s Park Area Residents’ Association) queried why this increase was necessary as the charge had been raised in each year recently.

·         The Park Manager explained that staff time was required for the provision and setting-up of tables and chairs around the bandstand if and when requested by the customer.

·         Members concluded that the charge should remain at £55 for users who did not require tables and chairs and be increased to £65 for those who did.


Football Coaching

·         The Park Manager advised that groups of friends would not be charged for casual games of football but a fee was currently being negotiated with a football coach who regularly used the Park.

·         The Superintendent and Park Manager added that the fee from the coach was expected to be finalised by early 2016 and would come into effect immediately.

·         In response to a member’s (Queen’s Park Area Residents’ Association) question, the Park Manager advised that the fee would be competitive with other local authorities who charged for similar coaching activities.

·         Powers for future charges for events and licences were currently being resolved as part of the City of London Corporation (Open Spaces) Bill, which would be deposited to Parliament on 27 November 2015.


RESOLVED – That the proposed fees and charges 2016/17 be noted and the views of the Group be conveyed to the Hampstead Heath, Highgate Wood and Queen’s Park Committee.


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