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Markets Business Plan Update Period 2 2015/16 (August - November)

Report of the Director of Markets and Consumer Protection.


The Committee received a report of the Director of Markets and Consumer Protection updating them on the progress for Period 2 2015-16.


The Deputy Chairman questioned whether consideration had been given to encouraging a move from diesel to electric forklift trucks and it was clarified that the Tenant’s Associations were already considering the issue; any move having to first seek their agreement.


Members further queried whether there was potential for more parking space to be added to the Billingsgate Car Park to improve revenue and reduce the waiting list for spaces. It was felt that the oversubscription could be capitalised on to allow an increase in parking fees. In response the Superintendent detailed that the fees for the car park were reviewed annually and that there was not any potential for more spaces to be added on the ground floor level. A multi-storey option had been considered however this was not found to present value for money. A trial of allowing patrons to pay for parking via mobile had been undertaken but again had not been successful as it had not allowed for active monitoring of car park capacity. Spaces did become available outside of trading hours. It was advised that the additional income generated from Car Parking would be itemised at the next meeting of the committee.


 The length of time taken by MITIE to monitor and fix repairs was discussed. The Superintendent reported that since more control had been handed to officers MITIE were performing however their response times did continue to pose a risk.


The Director of Markets and Consumer Protection confirmed in relation to a question from a member that he was confident all cases of long and short term sickness were being handled appropriately.


The Deputy Chairman queried the reference to a group from New Zealand having visited the market and it was clarified that the group were farmers from the region on a study tour.


The Chairman asked that the wording of the New Spitalfields Market risk identified on Page 23 of the report be changed to reflect the fact that accidents had already begun reducing. He also clarified that the red rating assigned to the risk associated with the HGV Banksman’s duties had now been downgraded to amber.


The Deputy Chairman updated the committee on a site visit he had conducted with the Minister for Communities and Local Government. They had discussed the potential move of the Museum of London to that site and it was reported that the minister seemed to indicate that such a move would be seen as positive.




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