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Public Minutes

To agree the public minutes of the meeting held on 27 January 2016.



The public minutes of the meeting held on 27 January 2016 were considered and approved as a correct record.



Frequency of Meetings and Terms of Reference (page 2) – In order to clarify a point raised at the last meeting the Town Clerk reported that, in Summer 2011, the Director’s responsibilities were widened and his title changed from Director of Markets to Director of Markets and Consumer Protection. In response to this, and a recommendation that relevant Committees look to see how they could encourage more ‘joined up work’, the Markets, Licensing and Port Health and Environmental Services Committees all agreed, in January 2013, that their terms of reference would be amended to state that the appointment of the Director would be made in consultation with each other.  At no stage was there any reference to any one of the three Committees taking precedence in terms of managing the appointment process.


A Member, also Deputy Chairman of the Establishment Committee, confirmed that, in cases where a Chief Officer reports to more than one Committee, the appointment panel would be chaired by the Chairman of the Establishment Committee in accordance with the Appointment of Chief Officer rules.


In response to questions, the Town Clerk confirmed that the Committee’s current terms of reference were correct and fit for purpose as they ensured that this Committee had a say in the appointment of any future Directors.


Smithfield Market Christmas Traffic Plan Review (page 4) – The Superintendent of Smithfield Market reported that he had spoken to the Indigo Car Park Manager who had confirmed that, when the car park was open free of charge, the barrier remained in the up position. The barrier was only closed when the car park started to fill up in order to maintain a flow of traffic.


The Chairman reported that a further report on car parking charges would be brought to the Committee in May 2016.


Billingsgate (page 5) – In response to a question regarding the imminent retirement of the Chief Fish Inspector, the Director reassured Members that there would still be a significant Worshipful Company of Fishmongers presence on site but that it was not yet known if the Inspector would be replaced.

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