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Markets Business Plan Update Period 3 2015/16 (December - March)

Report of the Director of Markets and Consumer Protection.


The Committee received a report of the Director of Markets and Consumer Protection providing Members with an update on progress for Period 3 (December-March) of 2015-16 against key performance indicators (KPIs) and objectives outlined in the Markets’ Business Plan.


In response to questions regarding sickness absence, the Superintendent of Billingsgate Market reported that his figures had, unfortunately, continued above target in both April and May. He confirmed that the figures included three long-term sickness cases but that there were also some short-term sickness issues amongst staff. He recognised that this was a major issue but one which he was determined to overcome and was discussing with Corporate HR.


In response to further questions, the Director of Markets & Consumer Protection confirmed that some staff who had been absent through long-term sickness had now left the City Corporation’s employment.


In response to questions regarding income generated by the Billingsgate car park, the Superintendent of Billingsgate Market reported that the income was split with 20% attributed to local risk and 80% to central risk. The Chamberlain clarified that Business Plan Updates reported on local risk only but that the Committee would receive information on central risk as part of the Revenue Outturn report at their next meeting in July 2016.


In response to questions regarding the review of Smithfield car park charges, the Superintendent of Smithfield Market reported that he was mindful of the Department of Built Environment’s (DBE) car parking review and was hoping to ‘dove tail’ with this. He added that he was conscious that the overarching DBE car parking review may have implications for the Market.


The Chairman reported that the High Commissioner of Malawi and London Mayoral candidate Zac Goldsmith had also visited Billingsgate Market in recent weeks.


With regard to the information provided to the Committee on Filming/Photography the Chairman reported that Officers had been asked to ensure that the format of this was consistent going forward and that any fees charged would also be detailed where applicable.


RESOLVED  - That, the Committee notes the content of the report and its appendices.

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