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Department of the Built Environment Business Plan 2016-19 - Quarter 1 2016/17 Progress Report

Report of the Director of the Built Environment.


The Committee received a report of the Director of the Built Environment that provided details of the progress made during Period 1 (April – July 2016) against the 2016-19 Departmental Business Plan for Public Conveniences, Waste Collection, Street Cleansing, and Waste Disposal. Members noted that deductions had been made from the Street Cleansing and Refuse Collection contract as the contractor’s performance had failed to reach a satisfactory level. The outcome of meetings with the contractor would be provided at the next Committee meeting.


In response to a Member’s question, the Assistant Director of Cleansing Operations advised that the City Corporation’s waste collection contractor, along with the other top six collection companies operating with the City, had been contacted to encourage them to collect any loose litter on top of bags out for collection as well as the bags themselves. There 29 collection companies in total operating within the City so it would be difficult to enforce but the Assistant Director would continue to target as many collectors as possible to ensure loose litter on top of bags out for collection was also removed. The Chairman added that Fixed Penalty Notices could be issued to collection companies for moving and not removing the loose letter in extreme cases. A Member also noted that City businesses should take responsibility for the cleanliness of their waste collection areas and ensure loose litter was also collected alongside bags.


In response to a Member’s question regarding food waste, the Director of Port Health & Public Protection advised that City business’ food waste within its use by date was sent to food banks to be re-used. The Chairman added that the Evening Standard were starting a Food For London campaign to collect food waste from businesses and give it to the hungry.


RESOLVED – That he report be noted.

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