Agenda item

Christmas 2016 - Smithfield Market Traffic Management Plan

Report of the Superintendent of Smithfield Market.


The Committee considered a report of the Superintendent of Smithfield Market updating Members on discussions to implement a comprehensive Traffic Management Plan at Smithfield Market for the Christmas period 2016 following the success of previous similar plans.


The Deputy Chairman reiterated that the Committee had previously requested data monitoring car park usage and questioned when this would be made available.  The Superintendent of Smithfield Market reported that he had discussed the request with colleagues in the Department of Built Environment and understood that this would form part of their wider car park review. He undertook to confirm this.


RESOLVED – That Members:

·        Approve the Traffic Management Plan attached to the report; and

·        Agree to fund the additional traffic control measures such as the appointment of private stewards outlined in the report from the Smithfield Central Risk budget.

Supporting documents: