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Update report

Report of the Director of Community and Children’s Services.


The Committee received a report of the Director of Community and Children’s Services, which updated Members on issues raised by the Barbican Estate Residents’ Consultation Committee (RCC) and Barbican Residential Committee (BRC) at their meetings in March 2016.  It also provided updates on other issues on the estate. 


During the discussion, the following points were raised/noted:


Short term holiday lets

Members noted that the RCC had asked for regular figures on short term holiday lets.  Officers advised that guidance would be posted on the City of London Website advising residents how to take action if planning regulations were breached.   


Barbican resident Members remained particularly concerned about 1-2 day lets, which often involved very early or late arrivals.  However, it was accepted that residents’ guests might also arrive early or late and therefore short term renters could be difficult to identify.   Whilst noting that there were currently no live complaints, Members were assured that officers continued to monitor the activity of websites.  Members also noted that concierges had been instructed not to hand out keys and there was no expectation on officers to work later hours. 


In summarising the Chairman suggested that, given this was a complex area, it might be easier to enforce planning regulations than breaches of the conditions on leases and asked Members, residents and officers to remain vigilant.


Lift at Wood Street/London Wall

Members remained very concerned about the frequent failures of this lift, given that the only alternative route was via the escalator and by-passing considerable road works and bicycle bays, which made crossing the road both hazardous and inconvenient.  Whilst noting that this was outside the remit of the Barbican Residential Committee, Members asked for their concerns to be presented to the Planning and Transportation Committee by way of a resolution.  Officers assured Members that they took their concerns very seriously and would continue to work with the relevant departments in seeking a resolution and keep the Chairman briefed.




1.       The Planning and Transportation be asked to note the serious concerns of the Barbican Residential Committee in respect of the frequent failure of the Wood Street lift and the resultant inconvenience and disruption to residents, particularly in light of the lack of a suitable alternative through fare.


2.       The update report be noted.


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