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Terms of Reference

To approve the Terms of Reference, as agreed at the 19 May 2016 meeting of the Policy and Resources Committee.


Members discussed the Terms of Reference and agreed that these should reflect not only the Sub-Committee’s role in assessing the value of the connections with outside bodies and the work being undertaken by them but the appointed individuals’ role, and should ensure the Sub-Committee retains oversight where the Corporation holds links to outside bodies but no nomination rights.


Members requested that the existing Outside Bodies Protocol be updated by officers and brought to the next meeting for review, and discussed the need for a mechanism for the work of outside bodies to be fed back to this Sub-Committee to enable Members to advise on applications for financial support,


RESOLVED – That the following amendments to the Sub-Committee’s terms of reference be submitted to Policy & Resources Committee for approval:


To be responsible for overseeing the City Corporation’s Outside Bodies Scheme, to include:-

·           developing the Corporation’s policy towards outside body appointments and nominations;

·           keeping under review the effectiveness and appropriateness of the organisation’s participation with individual bodies and maintain oversight where the Corporation holds links to outside bodies but no nomination rights;

·           giving initial consideration to new requests from outside bodies for nominations;

·           advising the Court or relevant Committee as necessary on the needs and requirements of the outside body in respect of any vacancy or funding proposal; and

·           periodically reviewing the City Corporation’s Outside Bodies protocol.

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