Agenda item

Any Other Business That the Chairman Considers Urgent


A Member (Dartmouth Park Conservation Area Advisory Committee) suggested that the previous sign from the Parliament Hill viewpoint should be offered to the Museum of London to demonstrate the changing skyline. This was supported by the Committee.


The Superintendent advised the Committee of a request that had been submitted for the purchase of land adjacent to the Vale of Health. The land is currently occupied by squatters who have been served with a repossession order.  Whilst from the City’s perspective this land doesn’t represent a Strategic Service Related Property Acquisition, there is however an opportunity for the local community to work together to consider acquisition of the site, as well as the opportunities for the long term management of the land taking account of its position adjacent to the Heath.


The Superintendent suggested arranging meetings with representatives of Vale of Health Society and the Heath and Hampstead Society to explore the opportunity in more detail.


An inspection of Golders Hill Park Zoo had taken place and it was expected some written recommendations would be made.