Agenda item

Review of Annual Work Programme 2016

Report of the Superintendent of Hampstead Heath.


The Committee discussed a report on the management operations and activities carried out on the Heath over the preceding 12 months. Feedback on the programme was welcomed in writing prior to the meeting of the Management Committee on the 21st November 2016.


Members noted the amount of ecological work that had taken place in relation to the restoration of the Ponds Project sites. The area would require a significant amount of ongoing Officer time, however, the speed of the vegetation regrowth was seen as positive.


In response to a query from a Member (Highgate Conservation Area Advisory Committee) in relation to uneven grass coverage following the cross country runs, the Superintendent acknowledged that techniques for the restoration of the routes were still being refined.


Following a discussion on the presentation of locations for the annual work programme, the Chairman summarised the need for information and data to be presented to the Committee and the public in a concise and useable manner. Members suggested embedding reports into the website, and it was agreed that this would be useful addition.




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