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Hampstead Heath Constabuly Policing Plan (Deferred from Last Meeting)

Report of the Superintendent of Hampstead Heath. Report deferred from last meeting, with updated Policing Plan (Appendix 5)  


The Committee received a report of the Superintendent of Hampstead Heath regarding the policing priorities of the Hampstead Heath Constabulary.


Following a submitted query from the Friends of Kenwood on the prevalence of cyclist using non-permitted paths, the Constabulary Manager reported that prosecutions for byelaw offences by cyclists were increasing, with eleven offences going to court compared to three from the previous year. There were three priorities relating to cycling in the report; however it was felt that some further targeted Constabulary operations could be undertaken.


Members discussed how best to capture the priority of crime reduction through visibility of Officers. It was reported that the completion of the other priorities would require the visibility of Officers.


A Member (Barnet Mencap) asked that attention be paid to leaves covering the no cycling signs on paths, and Officers agreed to monitor this more closely.




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