Agenda item

Central Grants Programme

Report of the Chief Grants Officer. 


The Sub Committee received a report of the Chief Grants Officer, which provided an update on the Central Grants Programme (CGP).  Members noted the outcome of a report submitted to the Policy and Resources Committee in October 2016, at which Members had agreed to (1) a secondment from the City Bridge Trust (CBT) to manage the CPG for a 6 month period; (2) to receive a follow up report in March 2017 to approve resources for 2017/18; and (3) that the CGU could recharge up to £41,000 to manage the CGU over a 6 month period.




1.     The interim staffing and management fee proposal agreed by the Policy and Resources Committee in October 2016 be noted.


2.     The update on the CGP be noted.


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