Agenda item


To agree the public minutes and summary of the meeting held on 24 January 2017.


RESOLVED – That the public minutes and non-public summary of the meeting held on 24 January 2016 be approved.


Matters Arising


Disabled Access to TfL Stations

A Member explained that at the January meeting of the Committee, the issue of disabled access to TfL stations had been raised. The Member updated the Committee that whilst Crossrail had worked to ensure there was step-free access available at stations, TfL could not guarantee the same level of access to the underground trains within the same stations. The reasons cited for this by TfL included the cost of installation, maintenance and the cost of electricity to operate lifts.


Colour Printing

In response to a question raised by Members at the January meeting of the Committee, the Town Clerk explained that for the purpose of cross cutting savings across the organisation, the Chief Officer Group had agreed to the cessation of colour printing at their meeting in November 2015.


A Member asked that when new printers were being purchased by the City Corporation, that machines which printed in colour at a lower cost be considered.


Coffee Cup Recycling Campaign

In response to a Member’s question on the next steps for the coffee cup recycling campaign, the Assistant Director of Cleansing advised that the aims of the first phase had been achieved and it was hoped that this campaign could be rolled out across London. A report would be bought to the July Committee with more details on the next phase for the campaign.


A Member asked that a reminder be sent to all Members advising that coffee cup recycling facilities had been set up in the Members’ Room.

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