Agenda item


To elect a Deputy Chairman in accordance with Standing Order No.30.


The Committee proceeded to elect a Deputy Chairman in accordance with Standing Order No. 30. 


The Town Clerk reported that, in accordance with Standing Order No. 30. (3) (a), the immediate past Chairman had chosen to exercise his right to serve as Deputy Chairman for the ensuing year.


John Scott was therefore duly appointed as Deputy Chairman for the ensuing year.



Deputy Joyce Nash paid tribute to John Scott, the past Chairman.



Members of the Markets Committee wish to record their sincere thanks and gratitude to




for his excellent work as their Chairman.


AS Chairman, he has been active in all aspects of the work of the Committee, showing great drive and commitment to ensure its success.


THROUGHOUT his term of office, he has managed the Committee’s deliberations with a fair and firm hand to ensure that the Committee executed its duties in a competent manner.  He presided over the Committee’s debates in an exemplary and courteous manner allowing full consideration of not only routine Committee business such as the Markets and Consumer Protection Department Business Plan, Revenue and Capital Budgets and Proposed New Lettings but also of more controversial issues such as the Smithfield Market Condenser Water Cooling System and, more recently, the Poultry Market Major Repairs Project.


THE Chairman has been instrumental in ensuring that the Committee and all interested parties have been kept fully informed of progress on the ongoing Poultry Markets Repairs Project with a view to ensuring that the Project reaches a successful and satisfactory conclusion. His involvement and interest in the Project to date is testament to his diligence, professional manner and skills of tact and diplomacy.


IN the final year of his Chairmanship, he has been responsible for initiating a Strategic Review of the City's three wholesale food markets, to investigate predicted customer demand over the next quarter century and the scale of those requirements. From this analysis, the review will look at how these requirements can best be met, which will include aspects of facilities, organisation, and location and seek to ensure the long-term stability of these offerings.

FINALLY, in congratulating their former Chairman upon a most successful term of office, his colleagues wish to thank him for his enthusiasm and commitment and to express the hope that, with continued good health and happiness he can continue to serve the City Corporation for many years to come.