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Play Area Toilets - Addition of a Toilet

Superintendent of Hampstead Heath.


The group received a report of the Superintendent of Hampstead Heath that provided an update on a scoping exercise which had been carried out for the development of an additional public toilet to be provided at the Children’s Sand Pit. It was noted that the additional single dwelling toilet would give access from one side only, contain a combined adult and child’s toilet, would be accessible for wheelchair users, and would contain a baby changing table.


Members were referred to the three proposals provided by the City Surveyor and noted that the preferred option was option three which included the installation of a disabled toilet and additional child’s WC, (retaining the service hallway) connected to the existing external wall.


Members queried the proposed costings for the project and discussed whether it was a feasible cost given that the development involved a relatively small building. Members also queried the comparative cost of rebuilding the toilet as a whole unit as opposed to adding an extension onto the existing building. There were no comparative figures available. Members were informed of the difficulties in knocking down the existing toilets, particularly as the building as it stands is adequate, maintained and fit for purpose. In addition, Members were informed that the costings presented, represented a ‘general’ proposed figure and not a final costing of the works to be carried out.


It was considered that the addition of a single toilet unit in the play area is a priority. Possible additional work could be completed as part of a long term agenda and could include the introduction of hygienic work surfaces and upgrades to the interior design and functionality of the toilets. In addition, Members were informed that a sum in the region of £8k was allocated to the Park through the Cyclical Works Programme for renovations of the toilets which would be put towards the yearly upkeep of the facility.


Whilst Members noted that there could be increased demand on the single additional toilet, it agreed with the proposal for the development of a disabled toilet (including baby changing facilities) accessible from the Sand Pit, and an additional children’s toilet (proposal 3).


There was also discussion around the implementation of a Living Wall (or similar) on the exterior walls of the play area toilets. However, there were no definitive plans as of yet as further research is required.




(a)  The report outlining the design proposal be noted.

(b)  Members agreed with the proposal for a disabled toilet and additional child’s WC, (retaining the storage hallway) connected to the existing external.

(c)  The front doors leading into the toilets to be painted in a shade of green.

(d)  A Landscape Architect to look into the proposal of having a Living Wall (or similar) on the exterior walls of the play area toilets before any final decisions are made.

(e)  Queries to be made with the Accessibility Group to enquire as to the possibility of funding sources to contribute towards the addition of the accessible toilet.

(f)   The Division’s Tree Officer reviews the location of the proposed building in relation to the root protection areas of the adjacent trees.


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