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Report of the Director of Markets and Consumer Protection.


The Committee received a report of the Director of Markets and Consumer Protection bringing Members up-to-date on the Strategic Review of the Markets and providing a synopsis of the work that will be conducted by the consultants.


The Deputy Chairman reported that, as Members of the Review Steering Group, he and the Chairman were to meet with the appointed consultants in September, October and December of this year.


A Member commented that his view of the appointed consultants was that they were very property/technically focused. He therefore questioned what process was in place to consult existing and potential customers of the Wholesale Markets to ensure that there would continue to be an ‘appetite’ for such offerings. The Member went on to comment on the importance that the Steering Group would play in the Review process and questioned why this would only include two Members of the Markets Committee alongside a number of Officers.


The Director confirmed that all stakeholders/relevant expertise would be engaged at different stages of the review process as appropriate and as detailed within the written report. With regard to Officer membership of the Steering Group, Members were informed that this would include the Director, the Markets and Consumer Protection Head of Business Performance, one representative of the Chamberlain’s department, and one representative of the City Surveyor’s Department.


In response to further questions, the Director confirmed that the appointed consultants did have a recognised Markets Consultant expert on their Board.


A Member questioned whether the final report would cover issues such as the phased move of all 3 Wholesale Markets versus moving all three simultaneously would be covered if the re-location of these was a recommended outcome. He also highlighted that the co-operation of Tower Hamlets would be critical with regard to any proposals around the future of Billingsgate Market and went on to question whether this would also be factored into the final report. The Director stated that he was confident that all issues such as these would be covered within the final report where appropriate.


A Member stated that, from the written report, it appeared to be a foregone conclusion that Stage 2 of the process would be a ‘progression of suitable relocation options’ as opposed to a possible re-development of the existing sites. He asked that this be amended going forward.


A Member commented that wholesale reviews of the markets had been carried out on previous occasions and questioned whether the appointed consultants were aware of these. The Director stated that they were.


A Member formally proposed that an additional three members of the Markets Committee be added to the membership of the Steering Group alongside the Chairman and Deputy Chairman. The Deputy Chairman stated that, subject to any views the Chairman might have on this, he had no objections to expanding the membership of the Group in this way.



i)                 Members receive the report; and

ii)                Peter Bennett, Deputy Edward Lord and Deputy John Tomlinson be added to the membership of the Steering Group.



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