Agenda item

Monthly Investment Analysis Review

Report of the Chamberlain.


The Board received a report of the Chamberlain concerning the monthly investment analysis review for August 2017. The report detailed the list of current investments and their performance and provided an update on the general economic outlook.


Members noted that the Corporation's current treasury investments amounted to £850m with an average interest rate of 0.57%. The Chairman explained that any rise in interest rates in the near future might be helpful, although a potential rise may have already been priced into some of the rates the Corporation was receiving.


A Member asked whether the reporting dates could be more closely aligned with FIB meeting dates. The Chamberlain stated that this was in part due to the fact that reports were required to be finalised some time before the meeting, and the Corporation does not always receive the previous month end data from Capita in time to be included in the report. The Chamberlain added that the previous month end information was included wherever possible.


RESOLVED - That the analysis review be noted.

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