Agenda item

Risk Report

Report of the Director of Markets and Consumer Protection.


The Committee considered the report of the Director of Markets and Consumer Protection on Markets Committee risk.


The following matters were raised:-


·         In response to a question from a Member about vehicles delivering meat products to Smithfield Market and whether there was a risk of them failing to comply with the London Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) and potentially more stringent restrictions on heavy vehicle movements, the Director of Markets and Consumer Protection confirmed that improving air quality is a high corporate priority and he would report back to the Committee once an analysis had been undertaken on the potential risk to the Market posed by the ULEZ.  


·         A Member asked about HGV unloading operations at Smithfield and confidence that new arrangements were working, along with whether these risks were the City’s risks if banksmen were not employed by the City. The Market Superintendent confirmed that audits had been undertaken showing that there had been an improvement in unsupervised ‘lock-ons’ since tenant training. In association with Castell, it was planned to eradicate problems in this area. He said that, although low risk, investigations had confirmed this risk should remain at red. The Director of Markets and Consumer Protection confirmed that, under safety legislation, the City retained a degree of responsibility to ensure that the banksmen are properly trained and managed, since they operate on City property, and an obligation to take measures to prevent accidents. He stated that, if progress continued, the risk could be downgraded to amber shortly.




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