Agenda item

Superintendents Updates

The Superintendents to be heard.


The Committee considered oral reports of the Superintendents and the following matters were raised:-



·         Grant Funding - The Superintendent informed the meeting that further bids would be submitted for funding for appropriate items, subject to the cut-off date for applications for grant funding which would be discussed and confirmed.


·         HSBC Window – Building Control at Tower Hamlets Council had been in contact with HSBC regarding the incident and had received reassurances.


·         Café Fire – It was noted that the cause of a fire had now been confirmed as a faulty toaster.


·         Christmas Period Parking – The Superintendent confirmed that the Market had experienced its busiest ever last Saturday before Christmas and that, although parking had been limited, the arrangements appeared to have worked well with no complaints from the public or TfL.


New Spitalfields

·         Entry Barrier – Members noted that terms and conditions had now been drafted with the tender to be published either by the end of the week or the beginning of next week. Costings information would be reported at the next meeting.


·         Security – The Superintendent informed the meeting that it was intended to bring security to the next level with the fully integrated GuardTek solution that operates through an App. Feasibility work was being carried out with the intention of including the upgrade within next year’s business plan.


·         Debtors – it was noted that historic debts payable continued to be pursued.



·         Christmas Period Parking – The Superintendent said that Christmas traffic plan included access changes and that overall the plan had worked well, with some lessons learnt for further improvements in 2018. It was noted that Common Councilman Morris had visited and reported his views back.   


·         It was noted that the Smithfield remembrance event had taken place on Tuesday 23 January 2018 to mark the 60th anniversary of the Poultry Market fire.


The Chairman reminded the Superintendent that a written report had been promised on traffic and parking at the market, and he was disappointed it was again not provided, and he requested it be  submitted to the next meeting.  Specifically information on traffic volume using our car park at the market and how it varies.


A Member raised the question of the oral updates given to the Committee and asked that future reports be generally in writing, with oral updates covering only minor matters and late information that could not otherwise have been included in a written paper. The Member also asked that the most important items, particularly those for decision, be placed higher on the agenda for meetings. The Chairman confirmed that further discussions would take place.