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Outstanding References

Report of the Town Clerk


The Board received a report of the Town Clerk that summarised the outstanding actions from previous meetings.


OR1 – Cyber Training for Members

The T/Commander of Economic Crime explained that Mike Beck was hoping to attend the Economic Crime Board, but was unable to attend this meeting.  He explained that it would be possible to provide a basic level training session for Members lasting around 2-4 hours.  The Chairman asked which Members this would be provided to.  Members agreed that this training would be beneficial to all Members of the Court of Common Council.  A Member suggested that perhaps it would be sensible to get an overview of the proposed session at the next meeting, before proposing a wider roll-out to Members.  The Board agreed that a paper should be submitted to the next meeting that detailed the basic 2-hour training session proposed for Members. (2)


A second Member explained that they thought Cyber Training should be an obligatory requirement for all Members.  The Chairman suggested that it would be difficult to mandate training to Members, but it could be strongly recommended by the Board.


OR2 – Social Media Engagement

The T/Commander of Economic Crime explained that Social Media Engagement descriptions had been improved.


OR3 – Victim Care Satisfaction

The T/Commander of Economic Crime explained that the Victim Care Satisfaction questionnaire questions would be updated as the survey is refreshed for the new financial year, and feedback from this Board had been taken into account.  The Chairman illustrated his approval.  A Member recalled from the previous meeting that it was determined that the wording of the question might have led to unfavourable responses regarding “satisfaction” levels, to the detriment of the Economic Crime Directorate.


OR4 – Cumulative Data

The T/Commander of Economic Crime explained that the Economic Crime Directorate was unclear on Members’ desires with regards to data presentation, based on the outstanding reference from the previous meeting.  Members agreed that it would be best to proceed with displaying both monthly and cumulative data.


RESOLVED – That the report be received.


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