Agenda item

Superintendents' Oral Updates

The Superintendents to be heard.


The Committee considered oral reports of the Superintendents and the following matters were raised:-



·         A further audit had taken place over a four night period in February 2018 that had shown a much lower (2%) number of unguided movements.


·         Trading had not been adversely affected during the recent cold spell.


·         The Chairman asked that officers report to the next meeting on the latest position on pavement width changes around Farringdon Station and impact on Market vehicle movements. 



·         No adverse trading impact to report from recent spell of cold weather.


·         One application for EU grant funding for a forklift truck is being progressed and noted that a further application for improvement work funding may be submitted after further discussions with tenants. The Superintendent confirmed that there is no guarantee that these applications would be successful as it is known that a large number of submissions for fund monies had been made.


New Spitalfields

·         Usual trading had continued during the recent cold period.


·         The replacement barrier at the Market would cost significantly less than expected previously. Subject to the outcome of clarifications, a Gateway 5 report would go before the DMCP shortly for ‘sign-off’ and it was envisaged installation would take place in August / September 2018.