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Outstanding References

Report of the Town Clerk


The Board received a report of the Town Clerk that summarised the outstanding actions from previous meetings.


The Chairman noted that there were 3 Outstanding Actions from previous meetings.


OR2 – Cyber Training for Members

The Commissioner explained that a draft proposal for a 2-hour cyber training session for up to 40 members had been drawn up and was tabled at the meeting.  It was agreed that CoLP would feed back with some proposed dates, and a schedule that could be run for Members of the Police Committee. (1)


The Commissioner noted that the risk in this area to the public sector was high, and that there would be good opportunities for monetisation.


OR3 – Facilitation Reporting

The Commissioner explained that facilitation of crime training was tasked out to external agencies at a national level.  He confirmed that he would follow up to gain feed back on this for the next meeting.  (2)


OR4 – 16 Non-Judicial Outcomes

The Commissioner agreed that he would circulate the list of 16 Non-Judicial Outcomes to Members. The chairman requested that figures of who falls into each category be included. The Commissioner suggested that they could include details of these categories going forward and Members agreed that this would be useful.


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