Agenda item

Superintendents Oral Updates

The Superintendents to be heard.


Having been informed by the Director of Markets and Consumer Protection (DMCP) that the new superintendent for Billingsgate Market would shortly be taking up his position, the Committee received oral updates from each of the Market Superintendents as follows:




·         The HGV unloading operations at Smithfield was still considered a Amber risk following an April audit across 4 nights.


·         There had been a reduced car parking uptake on the 2 concessionary Easter nights / days of up to 20% compared to the 2 non concession comparable nights for Easter 2017. There were fewer reported traffic issues and generally the market was quieter than the previous Easter.


·         The market is undertaking a litter campaign in consultation with the SMTA. 2 months of education and guidance to market users in conjunction with the CoL environment enforcement team with fixed penalty notices to be issued to continuing offenders thereafter. The Superintendent reported that a high percentage of rubbish was generated by buyers and distributors not necessarily market workers.  The market needed to demonstrate its commitment to reducing litter in the area and improving its image as a responsible neighbour to the wider community.


New Spitalfields


·         Chris Hutchinson had stood down as chairman of the tenants’ association after 14 years and had been replaced by Paul Walker.


The Chairman asked the DMCP / Superintendent to draft a letter for him to send thanking the previous chairman and welcoming the new chairman to his role. 


·         The possibility of leasing a replacement CCTV system was being considered with costs to be evaluated.




·         There had been a visit to the market by the Fishmongers Company on 25 April.


·         Support would be offered and forthcoming for the new superintendent as he took up his new role.