Agenda item

To Elect a Chairman in Accordance with Standing Order 29


The Committee elected a Chairman in accordance with Standing Order 29.


RESOLVED, That – being the only Member willing to serve, Mr Michael Hudson be elected as Chairman of the Barbican Residential Committee for 2018/19.


It was moved by Deputy Joyce Nash, seconded by Randall Anderson and RESOLVED UNANIMOUSLY, that -      


Members of the Barbican Residential Committee wish to place on record their sincere appreciation to ANN HOLMES for her committed, enthusiastic and good-humoured way she has chaired their Committee since 2016.


Under Ann’s Chairmanship, the residents’ working party network has strengthened to include a new Electric Vehicle Charging Working Party, including a successful launch event in May and a Car Park Charges Working Party.  


In order to improve both the quality of life and safety of residents; Ann’s Chairmanship has overseen a new Fire Safety Policy, following the tragic Grenfell Fire in June 2017 and new access arrangements for emergency services entering the Estate. Concrete testing and surveys to the tower and terrace blocks have completed, along with repairs to roofs and guttering, and an historic issue in respect of roof warranties is close to resolution. A new Lease Enforcement Policy is in place which, as a result of Ann’s commitment to thorough consultation, aims to deliver a fair but flexible approach to an emotive and complex matter. 


Looking to the future, and from a corporate perspective; the Committee is currently deliberating options to achieve additional car park/storage income for 2018/19, as part the City Corporation’s service-based review targets.  This has been another highly emotive and contentious area of Policy and, again, Ann has worked diligently with officers and the Car Park Charges Working Party, to ensure a measured and fair outcome.


Finally, the Committee wishes to place on record its recognition of Ann’s dedication to the Barbican Residential Committee and the Estate’s residents, along with her exemplary work ethic and affable nature.  Her colleagues would like to convey their gratitude and best wishes for the future.