Agenda item

Any Other Non-Public Business that the Chairman Considers Urgent


A Member requested an update on policies to be brought to the next Sub-Committee.  The Director of the Built Environment indicated that this meeting would consider office policies, design, views and tall buildings. (5)


A Member raised their concerns over potential accusations of Member lobbying and noted that the proposals brought to this meeting knowingly conflicted with the policy restricting residential development.  The Member illustrated objections to the item being presented on the agenda for this sub-committee and particularly in the non-public session.  The Chairman reiterated that equal opportunity had been provided for all developers and advice had been sought from officers to ensure that the process remained fair and transparent.  The Town Clerk explained that the item was scheduled in the non-public session following advice from officers that it would contain commercially sensitive information that would not be suitable for publication.  The Chairman noted that developers were entitled to give their views, regardless of whether or not they contradicted the Corporation’s policies.