Agenda item

National Lead Force (NLF) Performance Update

Report of the Commissioner.


The Board received a report of the Commissioner of Police that provided Members with an update on the Performance of CoLP in its capacity as National Lead Force.


The Head of Economic Crime explained that considerably more reports had bene received than last year, though this reflected improved reporting standards and was viewed positively.


The Chairman noted that decreased disseminations was due to a reduction in reviewing capacity and asked for an explanation on this.  The Head of Economic Crime explained that staff had been engaged in testing of the new Action Fraud systems which had put a limit on resources.  He explained that once the new system was fully delivered, they expect there would be a boost in performance.


A Member asked at what stage a top-down review of the function, noting that a 21% increase in demand was very significant over a short time period.  The Head of Economic Crime explained that there were competing demands across CoLP, but the Strategic Threat and Risk Assessment (STRA) process was tasked with evaluating and prioritising these. 


The Head of Economic Crime explained that similar levels of demand were being handled by one third of the staff required.  The Chairman requested an update that provided estimated quarter date staff numbers. (4)


A Member explained that it would be beneficial for Members to have an understanding of demand, outcomes and trends to show which areas were increasing in demand and which were static.  The Head of Economic Crime explained that stakeholders received detailed reports of this information and confirmed that these could be included in future as appendices. The Member explained that it would also be useful to see demand of individual crime types if possible (5)


Members asked that terms be included within a glossary of terms as a standing item on the agenda. (6)


The T/Commander of Economic Crime explained that the formal release of the findings of the HMICFRS inspection would take place in September.


The Chairman noted that no surveys had been undertaken during the current financial year, as referenced in paragraph 6.3 of the report, and asked that this be actioned. A Member asked that it be confirmed that CoLP were not paying data handlers considering no surveys were taking place. (7)


The Chairman noted that recruitment to the Economic Crime Directorate was only being advertised on CoLP’s website and asked why this was the case.  The Head of Economic Crime explained that a more comprehensive plan for recruitment was in place and could be actioned with a long-term plan.  A Member noted that it would be useful to identify the recruitment challenges.  The Head of Economic Crime explained that strain on resource not only affected the front line of staff, but also the ability to plan.  The Chairman requested that a written update be provided that explained recruitment challenges. (8)


RESOLVED – That the report be received.


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