Agenda item

Outstanding References

Report of the Town Clerk.


The Board received a report of the Town Clerk that summarised the outstanding actions from the last meeting.


OR1 – Cyber Training for Members

A Member noted the length of time that this action had taken to complete was unacceptable considering the importance of the issue.  The Head of Economic Crime explained that, whilst there had been some training given to staff, this action had evolved to a Member session.  He explained that the Cyber element of the Economic Crime Academy was fully-booked for a significant period of time and it would be difficult to prioritise training slots ahead of paying customers.  The Member accepted this and suggested that the City Corporation do pay for the session.


A Member suggested that this was a key issue that all Common Council Members should be informed of.  The Chairman agreed but noted that it was planned to be trialled first with the Police Committee.  The Head of Economic Crime explained that they had recently promoted Cyber Griffin to a number of committees so there was an awareness amongst Common Council Members.  The T/Commander of Economic Crime explained that they are presenting Cyber Griffin and could adapt this to create a session for all Members over the next 4-5 weeks if desired.  Members agreed. (2)


OR3 – #PhishyFridays

The Chairman noted that this was included to raise awareness of the campaign to avoid phishing scams and asked that it now be closed.


OR4 – Economic Crime Victim Care Unit

The Chairman asked that a written update on the ECVCU be included on the agenda as a standing item going forward. (3)


The Head of Economic Crime explained that the ECVCU was progressing from “Proof of Concept” to the rollout phase.  He explained that approximately 4,600 victims had been serviced.


RESOLVED – That the report be received.


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