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Vineyard Congregational Church


A Member asked how grant applications for capital expenditure were monitored to ensure that the proposal retained wider community benefit longer-term, as grant applications for proposals for the benefit of only a specific group, such as a religious group, would be rejected.


The CGO responded that officers would assess the focus of the funding and look closely at the application. Following a grant’s approval, during the implementation stage, payments were released after receipt of documentary evidence of its expenditure. A twelve-month period after the improvements were made was given for the organisation to collect data and report back to City Bridge Trust, and details about the wider community benefit of the improvements would be expected at that stage. The Comptroller and City Solicitor added that there were provisions in the terms and conditions that allowed City Bridge Trust to take action against misappropriation of grant funding.


APPROVED £100,000 to improve the access to both levels of the Vineyard Congregational Church providing two new lifts, improved accessible toilet facilities, new doors and widened entrances.

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