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Outstanding Actions

Report of the Town Clerk.


The Committee received the current list of outstanding actions.


Noise Pollution from the London Underground

The Chairman explained that he had met with Ward Members and the Assistant Director (Public Protection), as well as a resident of Defoe House in June 2018 to listen to the noise coming from the London Underground and a letter was subsequently sent to the Managing Director of London Underground, a copy of which had been provided to Members. A specialist consultant would be employed by the City Corporation to investigate the noise and vibrations caused by sub-surface trains and mitigation measures would be proposed. The Chairman advised this work would take around six months to be completed.


A Member informed the Committee that a petition from residents had been sent to the Mayor of London; a question would be raised at the GLA; and a series of articles would feature in City Matters in relation to the issue of noise pollution.


The Chairman noted that the consultant would be funded by the City Corporation. A Member added this was now a public health matter and had been referred to the Health and Wellbeing Board.


Electric Vehicle Charging

The Chairman advised that following a query raised at the last meeting of the Committee on whether electric charging points for vehicles could be placed within Liverpool Street Station, Officers within the Department of the Built Environment had confirmed that this area was outside of the City Corporation’s jurisdiction.  The Director of Transportation and Public Realm explained that whilst they had examined whether taxi charging points could be installed at this location, this was not part of the proposed plans.


The Director of Transportation and Public Realm explained that TfL had advised that the delayed installation of the charging point at Noble Street would be available from August 2018, and the Team were seeking confirmation of the date for the eight points due to be installed at Baynard House.


Low Emissions Neighbourhood

The Chairman advised that a report on Beech Street which was due to be presented before this Committee had been withdrawn following consideration at the Streets and Walkways Sub-Committee. The recommendations had been revised and circulated to Members of this Committee via email in advance of the meeting. In response, the Director of Port Health and Public Protection advised that a report on the Low Emissions Neighbourhood would be presented to the next meeting of the Committee. The Director of Transportation and Public Realm added that with regards to Beech Street, investigations were taking place as to what could be achieved with the existing sub-structures in place, as well as the neighbouring work taking place with the London Borough of Islington, a report on these findings and proposals would be brought before the September Committee meeting.


Section 101 Agreements

The Director of Port Health and Public Protection advised that an ice cream van had been seized subject to appeal in August 2018 and nut barrows had also been seized. The Section 101 Agreements were now in place with Southwark with enforcement commencing on Millennium Bridge, which would subsequently be rolled out to the other bridges. Out of hours information for the officers and contact details would be provided to Members. The Chairman added that City of London Police would now assist on both sides of the bridges.


In response to a Member’s request that enforcement also take place at Tower Bridge, the Director of Port Health and Public Protection explained that the Team were working closely with Tower Bridge Staff and Tower Hamlets, however, the Section 101 Agreements with Tower Hamlets had not yet been signed. The Chairman added that at present, enforcement from the City Corporation was limited to the South side of the Bridge.  A Member noted that there was regular traffic congestion at Tower Bridge due to vans unloading; in response, the Director of Port Health and Public Protection advised that the enforcement officers only had powers to deal with illegal street trading.

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