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Cemetery & Crematorium Performance 2017/18

Report of the Director of Open Spaces.


The Committee received a report of the Director of Open Spaces which updated Members on the performance of the Cemetery and Crematorium Performance 2017/18.


In response to a Member’s query on the performance measures against targets and whether those needed to be re-examined, the Director of Open Spaces advised that whereas the income target was achieved, the number of services sold was below target, explaining that one memorial could provide £50-60k of income. The Director added that there had been high death rates earlier in the year, and the figures were trying to illustrate the Cemetery’s market share and the financial return; officers would reconsider how this could be reported.


In response to a Member’s query on the reduction in volunteer hours and how staff satisfaction was being measured noting that a staff survey had not taken place, the Director of Open Spaces explained that the Department hoped to participate in the Corporation wide staff survey later in the year, but a departmental survey had taken place, the results of which were currently being analysed. The Director of Open Spaces explained that an update would be provided to Members with the results of the annual survey.


Responding to the volunteer question, the Director of Open Spaces advised that in previous years there had been specific projects which were not taking place at present and that may explain the reduction in hours but would ask the Superintendent of the Cemetery to look into this. Members asked that the target be re-examined.


In response to further queries on overall successful performance and the missed target for Health and Safety investigations, the Director of Open Spaces advised that it was difficult to advise on the success of each year as death rates vary, but a neighbouring crematorium was closed in 2014 resulting in additional business. With regards to the reporting of incidents, it was explained that this point had been raised at a Corporate Health and Safety meeting and the process had since changed with steps being taken to avoid a missed target in future.


RESOLVED – That the Committee note the report.

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