Agenda item

Items for inclusion in the Committee's Skills Audit


Members discussed the compilation of a skills audit/self-assessment for all existing Members, both Court and External, which would inform the selection process for future External Members.  Members noted that the National Audit Office and HM Treasury provided helpful self-assessment checklists and the Town Clerk agreed to produce a long list.  From this, Members could consider a top 6, which would identify desirable skills, experience and competencies.  Members agreed that the self-assessment should be succinct and no more than 2 sides of A4.  The Town Clerk agreed to source the original job description which had been used to appoint Hilary Daniels in 2012.


As this exercise would also inform future Court appointments, the Town Clerk would present the latest Membership list and existing terms to the next meeting.  It was noted that there had been some misconceptions, amongst Court Members, as to the appropriate skills set required to contribute effectively to the Audit and Risk Management Committee.  Members agreed that this was beyond financial/accounting skills and any Member with a logical and enquiring mind would make a valuable contribution.  There was also likely to be good practice examples of advertisements used for other External Member appointments and the value of advertising via social media was recognised as being effective and inexpensive.


There was some discussion about induction sessions and the Chairman reminded Members that they had been very comprehensive following the 2017 all-out Common Council elections.  An External Member also commended a training /networking session which had been run for all Co-optees/External Members in 2017.  This was likely to be repeated in 2021, to the benefit of newly appointed External Members.


Finally, Members discussed a timeline for recruitment, which would need to be plotted back from late 2019, when the appointment of a new External Member would need to be confirmed by the Court of Common Council.