Agenda item

MIPIM property conference 2018/2019

Joint Report of the City Surveyor & the Director of the Built Environment 


Members considered a Joint Report of the City Surveyor and the Director of the Built Environment.


Members queried whether the funding for the City’s future engagement at MPIM needed to be reviewed so BHE took less of the strain. The City Surveyor would return to the Board in the autumn with his thoughts on how PIB’s share of the MIPIM budget should be split between the three Funds.


Members were of the view that measuring the broad tangible outcomes from MPIM was generally difficult to define, however, The City Surveyor pointed to several examples of commercial lettings sealed at MPIM and other introductions made.


One Member suggested that this year’s event went well with much more of a co-ordinated approach and a better media presence, pointing to the launch of the joint City/CPA report and highlighting the very valuable work the Co-opted Members of PIB undertook on behalf of the Board.  


Members requested that the Chief Planning Officer does not attend future events - this was because there was a tendency for the event to be use for pre-application discussions and the focus of the event should be more strategic.


The Chairman requested that the diversity of the Corporation’s team should be more of a factor when considering which Members/Officers attend next year’s event.


RESOLVED – that Members approved the following:


I. That this report on MIPIM 2018 is received

II. That the additional cost of attending MIPIM 2018 be noted

III. That the Policy & Resources, Planning & Transportation Committees, and the Property Investment Board, approve that the City of London Corporation should attend MIPIM 2019 with a total budget of £94,000.




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